Best Tips for Your Blog Post to Go Viral on StumbleUpon

Its always been secret how an ordinary post being viral and a well written and optimized post ignored. It has been obvious that you must know at-least basic of SEO if you are not a master. It is not possible to everyone to be master in SEO but if you are a blogger then you must know a basic of SEO. StumbleUpon is one of the great source to get traffic from it. It is one of the major social media which can huge traffic to your blog. If you have concentrate of this you can drive great amount of traffic to your blog as you getting from Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. A weeks ago I was just checking my the source of my blog from where I am getting more traffic I found that sudden traffic increase on two particular day and that was really huge. I just went to the source link and surprisingly it was StumbleUpon. Then I move to my sharing tool analysis and check that there were only two sharing from that tool then how this could happen? Once I thought this might going wrong and someone is spamming my blog. I have done more research and come to know that StumbleUpon can drive huge traffic to your blog with just a single share.Best Tips for Your Blog Post to Go Viral on StumbleUpon

Today I am sharing tips to go viral on StumbleUpon. You might think that what’s new in that, well actually you have to go strategically with StumbleUpon to get huge traffic regularly. So lets headed to the tips to get more idea.

It is important that you build StumbleUpon profile same as you have done for other social media networking sites. Somehow filling up the detail for profile information is ignored by newly signed up stumbler but that could not be ignored. It is because, it signals the site to the stumbler about the real person using the service. Your detailed profile on this social bookmarking site reflects that you are reliable web page collector.
Below are tips to build better StumbleUpon account:
Fill up online information about you.
Upload your own image as your avatar.
Include your site URL.
Invite your friends in Facebook, email contacts and Twitter.
Connect with popular stumblers.
Join StumbleUpon groups.
Follow your interested topic to be updated.

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It is obvious that you must be active on any social media to get noticed. After building your profile now you have to populate your blog with you contents of your interest. Always keep in mind that StumbleUpon’s only goal is to let user to explore and discover the web pages among their interest. So here your job is to filter the best contents relevant to your chosen topics.

You must stumble others stuff other than your own blog if you found it interesting to be reliable stumbler otherwise you will caught as a spammer. If you stumble the unique content that attract the more numbers of stumbles then the StumbleUpon will look for your next submissions and that time you can submit one of you best blog post from your own blog.
Below are the few tricks to find and submit a link:
Check out what’s popular on Digg, Reddit and on other social media.
Avoice “Thumb Up” for too many web pages from same domain, specially your own.
Submit from diverse sources
Always use proper tags when submitting link.
Don’t be a spammer.

There is no rule to submit your own blog post related to StumbleUpon but according to it is unwritten rule due to its looks like self-promotion. There also some stories that already goes viral even sharing own content. There is no certain rule from the social bookmarking site to submit post but on upon my experience I noticed that I got much higher traffic when my content submitted by reader not from me. So better to encourage your visitors to submit your post and then check the traffic.
Tips to submitting link:
Submit post during 9am to 7pm.
Use broad tags( i.e. writing, creativity)

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Always remember that the content are most stumbled which are funny, lists, quotes, inspiring or post with large high-quality images.

embed the StumbleUpon button on your blog including one below your post titles and one below your content. This will allow your reader to bookmark your content easily on bookmarking site. If you have floating sharing bar then you must add one there. To effectively increase your post’s stumbles use a URL shortener service by StumbleUpon. Whenever you share or tweet your post link, the black stumble toolbar automatically included in your post. Sometime you can also monitor your number of thumbs up and page views for you post.

Let us tell your story. Do you have blog post that goes viral on StumbleUpon? Are you enjoying the major traffic from the social bookmarking site? Tell us what you feel about this service. I am looking forward to see your comments below about this tutorial and one more thing follow me in my StumbleUpon 🙂

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