Most Safest Link Building Tactics to Get Quality Backlinks Free

As all we know that how important is quality backlink for our sites and blogs. Since the Penguin and Panda update has been released we have to fight with them to be in race to be number one on Google rank and on other search engines. You find so much reason to build quality backlinks and benefits of it. If you are serious blogger and aiming something big and looking for the bigger blogging career ahead than you must consider link building in your blogging career.
What Google Penguin do in terms of searching backlinks. Basically it looks on the backlinks and rectify that is it the natural or crooked one? So whenever you thinking to create backlinks for your blog make sure you use quality site to get backlinks because Google Penguin update is quite strict about it. If you fail to get quality backlinks that there chances high to get penalize by Penguin updates. Once you get penalize by Penguin update than all your hard work and search rank will be vanish you found your blog nowhere on the search result. So it is advisable to build only quality backlinks from the reliable source. Some people try to build backlinks using blackhat SEO. Getting backlinks by blackhat SEO provide huge number of backlinks in no times but in meantime it you blog might get deleted if you are using blogger platform and your blog will not get indexed in search result if your using WordPress. There are so many easy and safest method to build quality backlinks and some them today I will explain you, how you can build those?


So many blogger are try to get high PR backlinks including you and me. But do you think that it is that much easy to get backlink from those high PageRank sites? Well, I know your answer. So what should we do to get high PG backlinks? Today i am sharing tips to get good high PR dofollow backlinks and the safest backlinks. As all you know that guest posting is also wonderful method to get high PR backlinks but your article should match their standards. So here are some method that can provide you such a high quality backlinks.

YOUTUBE is product of Google and it is good to have backlinks from Google product. There are millions of people using YouTube in various regions so getting backlinks from it is good idea. It also brings decent amount of traffic to your blog and also increase SERP.  To get high quality PR9 backlinks from follow the below steps.
  1. Create your YouTube account and create channel.
  2. Design attractive page of your YouTube channel. (YouTube provide tool to customize your channel)
  3. Edit your channel profile and add your blog URL.
  4. If possible add your blog URL into your friends channel too.


You might think that what is use of Well it will also provide quality backlinks to your blogs. You just have to sign up with your email id and then enter your detail under profile section. Also enter your blog URL in it.


This one of the best way to build quality backlinks to your blog. You just have to sign up to Squidoo and start submitting your articles in it. Click on lens to submit your articles. By writing more unique article will increase your chances to get more quality backlinks. There are many sites like Squidoo which also provide similar facility few of them are listed below.
  1. Hubpages
  2. eHow


This is one of the most easiest and best way to get high PR backlinks. Social Bookmarking site also provide huge number of traffic and that is so instant towards to your blog. You should be careful while using these social bookmarking sites. There are also many social bookmarking sites people usually use, some of them are listed below.


Above are the best way to get high PR backlinks. Try these tactics to get safest high quality backlinks and bring huge traffic to your blog. You can also suggest some of great site that can also provide good quality backlinks by commentingbelow.

Most Successful Anti-Failure Affiliate Marketing Tips for Company

There were many affiliate marketers who cash out most of their earning from affiliate marketing in last “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” sale. You might also observe that some of the company providing most competitive offers along with easy to approach method. Majority of affiliate marketers are willing to work with only those company who provide some flexibility. To increase your product sale you also provide some flexibility in terms of payment method, banners, easy cash out process with more options. These are the basics thing that also attract your affiliate marketers. You could also approach some marketplace that also provide great platform for your products. Here I am discussing how you can increase your product sale through affiliate marketing.
Most Successful Anti-Failure Affiliate Marketing Tips for Company


The most easiest way to increase your product sale is to have updated database of you product with latest one. This will help publishers to take advantage of your most latest offers and product to offer their readers. Before announcing any offer take benefits from shopping engines to collect the data of competitive offers and provide most competitive offers according to that. This found the most successful tactics to give more exposure to your product and publisher also would like to work with those advertisers.
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Publishers spend time as well as money to promote your product and services to their visitors, so you must have elegant banners to help them sell your product. Their marketing efforts and your elegant banner will increase the chance to get your product or services sold. Elegant banners create brand image of your product and company and drive traffic to your shopping page or your landing page to provide more information about your product and service from the publisher’s page. Along with elegant banner it also have some effective matters that has clear and high appeal for call to action and closing offer.


As we have discussed to provide elegant and effective banners for your product and services to your publishers to increase your sale, it is also necessary to have competitive offers. You might fighting with so many company who also provide more competitive offers and also gaining popularity. Just have a look around what your competitors offering for the similar product that you offering and evaluate whether you can provide comparable or better offers. Free shipping added advantage for successful marketing for those online retailers who selling such a things that can be deliver.


It is always proved that the linking your offer directly on publisher’s site to the landing page of your product or service where you providing competitive offers works great. It should jut away from the fewer clicks to reaching the product or service, so that more likely your shopper can complete his purchase. The most easiest way to provide complete and up to date catalog to publishers for online retailers is their updated product catalog or product page. You can also read about this in first point mentioned above.


If you have publishers and they are sending quality traffic to you then you landing page should be well optimized as they send traffic to your every day. If your landing page is not optimized then there are chances for lower conversion rate. Also make sure that the banner you provide on publisher’s site should meet the product or service where they will be landed. After landing on your product page or service page customer also should be guided on what they have to do so that check out process become easy.


There are so many publisher available who has potential to increase product sell. You might have to invest some money to get approached by those publishers. You can also invest into PPC (Pay Per Click) program that can boost your publisher reach. You could start in-house program or hire a SEO specialist to increase your search traffic. This will also drive traffic to your site from the search engines. By these campaign you will get some specialized publishers who are able to increase your product and service sell. spending money on SEO and PPC will elevate your search result where you can ranked well far from your competitors.
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Simple the process of checkout to purchase your product. Add product thumbnail just next to its description and add the shipping charges where applicable at the early stage of checkout process to prevent from shopping cart abandonment. By adding these your customer will be sure that what he saw he is ordering the same product at the same price which has been he noticed and came to purchase it.


Along with commission also provide some incentive for top performing publishers who drives the majority of your revenue and expecting to be compensated accordingly. So think about them and don’t let them down by just offering standard commission. You can also set the high incentive for time-specific or volume based campaign and let your publishers know that you will reward them something more from usual for achieving the result you are looking for.


Always interact with your publishers using the method they prefer. Lack of communication may cause the failed relationship with potential publishers. Many of those publishers prefer instant chatting or email but they would also like if you pick the phone and call them for your new campaign or their appreciation. You can applies this for your top revenue generating publishers.
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Among the all above aspects you should also have a look on your web design. Your site should be well designed and should have easy navigation. Optimize your website so it can load faster on any kind of internet. The site which takes forever to load, has confusing navigation and stuffed with unnecessary things and bad graphic could lead to low conversion. As we discussed in above point to invest some money you can also spare some money from it to hire a good graphic designer and if you not intent to spend that much money you can approach some skilled intern who will work for your at affordable cost.