Benefits of Using SEO Plugins

Search engine optimisation is not a very easy task. Actually, there are several tasks that may need to be performed over and over again in order to get results especially because nothing can be guaranteed in SEO. However, one way of making SEO tasks easier is by the use of SEO plugins. SEO plugins are computer programs that have been designed to add specific search-engine-related functions in order to support a particular application. They can potentially improve efficiency, save time and even money after installation. For example, with SEO plugins certain tasks can be performed directly from a Web browser rather than using several Web sites to obtain information.

Furthermore, with these plugins an SEO professional can work more effectively by getting direct access to functions such as a Web site’s age, backlink information, PageRank, indexing and its metrics in relation to social media. The SEO specialist can also create a list of related sites which can assist in forming Web communities for any given research area. While many online platforms are generally compatible with SEO plugins, WordPress users can really benefit from using these plugins because there are many SEO practices that can still be implemented on the platform for example, creating custom title tags and automatic sitemap generation.

Users of SEO plugins can therefore take advantage of all the features that are on offer by finding and installing plugins, addons or toolbars that specifically meet their SEO needs and requirements. Examples of these tools include Google Toolbar, Googlebar, SeoQuake, Alexa Toolbar, Quirk SearchStatus, SEOpen and SEO for Firefox.


Can you list other plugins that are good for carrying out search engine optimisation?